What is Business Pan?

In Nepal, Business PAN, or Permanent Account Number, is like a special ID for businesses. It's a unique code given by the government to keep track of a business's financial stuff.

Just like people have their own PAN numbers, businesses need one too. It's important for things like paying taxes. It's also important for opening a bank account and doing other money-related things.

Business PAN is issued by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Nepal. They are government agency who handle taxes in the country.

Sample image of business pan Nepal

A Guide to Registering a Business PAN in 5 Simple Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining a Business PAN in Nepal:

  • Step 1: Visit www.ird.gov.np, the Inland Revenue Department website. Find the Tax Payer Portal and choose Registration for PAN, VAT, Excise.
  • Step 2: Fill in necessary details like Business Registration Date, Registration Number, Place of Registration, and Date of Commencement of Business.
  • Step 3: Review and submit your application. Press “Print” to save a copy of the submitted form.
  • Step 4: Visit the nearest Inland Revenue Department office. Submit the printed application form to the concerned officer. All submitted applications will be displayed in the Submitted List in the IRO/TSO officer’s portal.
  • Step 5: The tax authorities will check your application and ask for your biometric data (Fingerprint and Face). If your application is approved, you'll get a Business PAN registration certificate.